Free Fire OB44 APK Download Latest Update Version and Changes

Free Fire OB44 APK Download Latest Update Version and Changes

The major update for Garena Free Fire OB44 arrived on April 17, 2024, introducing new features and improvements. Free Fire now boasts enhanced performance, graphics, and exciting new features, igniting the enthusiasm of Free Fire players worldwide.

Improvements have been made to give Garena Free Fire players a better experience and smoother gameplay. These include better graphics, New sensitivity adjustments, smoother game performance, and changes to various weapons and characters available.

Garena Free fire OB44 APK download links

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Please follow the link below to safely and easily download the Garena Free Fire OB44 Update APK file. Once downloaded, you can seamlessly continue the game by installing it on your Android device.

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Free Fire OB44Download

Garena Free Fire OB44 Update Changes and Patch Rewards

The Garena Free Fire OB44update introduces some changes to characters and weapons. This major update includes features like Patch Rewards, Dragon Airdrop, and Machandrek Invades. which are as follows

Character Adjustment

Free Fire Ob44 Update Character Adjustment

Improvements have been made to certain characters in the latest update of Garena Free Fire.

Ex: - Ryden, Santino, Caroline, Nikita, Joseph, Kapela etc.

Some characters have been adjusted to improve battery performance for game players

Ex: - Tatsuya

Weapon Adjustment

Free Fire OB44 Update Weapon Adjustment

Weapon adjustments have been implemented in this major update of Garena Free Fire. New mechanisms and modifications have been applied to several weapons

BUFF:- Vector and MP5

NERF: - Charge Buster, Trogon and Bizon

New Patch and Rewards

Free Fire OB44 Update New Patch and Rewards

  • New Kairos Character.
  • Return of the zombie hunt game mode.
  • Mecharake Trial.
  • Add a New Event in Clash Squad

Dragon Airdrop:- Defeat the Mechadrake and get Special Dragon themed items from The Dragon Airdrop