Top 10 Free Fire YouTubers in India 2023

Top 10 Free Fire YouTubers in India 2023

In India right now, the most played mobile game is Top 10 FreeFire YouTubers. The large Free Fire community in India is mostly due to the Free Fire YouTubers who consistently produce fresh video every day.

Numerous Free Fire YouTubers from India have amassed millions of subscribers to their YouTube channels and have achieved considerable success. Both novice and experienced gamers will find these channels to be entertaining and educational.


Top 10 FreeFire YouTubers in India


Total Gaming (35.1M subscribers)

Total Gaming

One of India's Top 10 FreeFire YouTubers is Total Gaming. is not only the largest gaming YouTuber in India with 35.1 million followers, but he is also the most popular Free Fire YouTuber. Ajjubhai, also known as Total Gaming, is the owner of platoon Total Gaming, one of the hip Free Fire esports teams in India.

He consistently uploads two videos a day with vibrant material, and since he started the channel in 2023, it has quickly gained popularity. He also enjoys playing games like Minecraft, GTA 5, and PUBG Mobile.

A_S Gaming (19.6 M subscribers)

A_S Gaming

One of the newest members of the Indian Free Fire YouTube community, A_S Gaming is also one of the fastest-expanding channels.

His channel gained 19.6 million followers in just one year, making him India's second-most subscribed Free Fire YouTuber.Sahil, who goes as A_S Gaming, is an 18-year-old gamer with a lot of passion.

Desi Gamers (13.6 M subscribers)

Desi Gamers

The owner of the Desi Gamers YouTube channel is a young man by the name of Amit Sharma. Currently, the channel has 13.6 million members, and the majority of its material is related to Free Fire. Desi Gamers is well-known for his in-game talent, which is displayed in his YouTube videos. In October 2018, he launched the channel, and he regularly

Gyan Gaming (14.4 M subscribers)

Gyan Gaming

Another well-liked Free Fire YouTuber in India is Gyan Gaming. Currently, he has 9.1 million YouTube followers.When Free Fire was introduced in India, Gyan Gaming transitioned from being a Clash of Clan YouTuber to being one. Gyan Gaming uses his PC and smartphone to play Free Fire.

LOKESH GAMER (15.3 M subscribers)


In 2023, LOKESH GAMER launched his YouTube channel. In January 2023, he began posting Free Fire videos and attacking the server. Most people adore his stuff because of his sense of humour and charming demeanour. Additionally, he has a tonne of beneficial Free Fire how-to videos.

TWO-SIDE GAMERS (12.0 M subscribers)


TWO-SIDE GAMERS YouTube channel is a channel own by binary gamers Jash Dhoka and Ritik Jai, the two players of platoon TGS. These 2 guys have been playing games together ever and when Free Fire was released, they decided to live sluice their gameplay while still being in academy.

Obviously, as pro gamers, they’re amazing at Free Fire. But their channel also has some really funny knavery vids as well. TWO-SIDE GAMERS is presently having 12.0 million subscribers.

UnGraduate Gamer (8.03 M subscribers)

UnGraduate Gamer

One of the most well-known Free Fire YouTubers in India, UnGraduate Gamer (actual name Ayush Dubey), has more than 8.03 million subscribers. Although he plays Free Fire well, he is most known for his colourful content. Similar to his Short videotape series and his Free Fire knavery videos, he also offers Free Fire material.

HELPING GAMER (7.81 M subscribers)


Sarfraj, also known as Helping Gamer, is one of India's most popular Free Fire YouTube stars with 5.7.54 million subscribers. HELPING GAMER is well-known for his videos regarding new Free Fire events and advice, in contrast to the majority of other YouTubers who have incredible in-game skills.

Bagge 99 (9.57 M subscribers)

Bagge 99

Numerous Indian top ten Free Fire youtubers may be familiar with the moniker Bagge 99. The drug producer has established a reputation for himself on Google's video participation stage. He is renowned for his electrical and filmmaking skills. Currently, the video with the highest views on the Emblem 99 channel on YouTube has more than 27 million views.Subscriber 9.58 M subscribers

Black Flag Army (7.94 M subscribers)

Black Flag Army

One of India's Top 10 Free Fire YouTubers is The Black Flag Army.

The YouTube channel that Pankaj owns. In September 2018, he launched the YouTube channel. His in-game character is his channel's most endearing feature.

He would present himself as a brash athlete who doesn't listen to anyone and exaggerates everything. Check out his channel if you're looking for some exciting Free Fire action as well.

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