10 Best Steam Next Fest Demos You Need to Try Out

10 Best Steam Next Fest Demos You Need to Try Out

You may now play a variety of game demos at the return of Steam Next Fest. The Steam Next Fest of the year before provided us with some excellent games to play, and the 2023 edition does not disappoint either. And as has been custom, I had to get to work and play as many games as I could. We have produced a list of 10 of the top demos to install during Steam Next Fest 2023 (which runs from June 19 to June 26) after spending a few hours playing the game demos. So read on if you want to test out some entertaining new games.


1. Fortune’s Run

Fortune’s Run

Immersive sim elements and strong fighting are the two aspects of video games that I find to be the most enjoyable. Both of them are handled by Fortune's Run, and the Steam Next Fest 2023 demo made a fantastic impression. You take control of an alien woman named Mozah who falls victim to federation retaliation after being hired to steal a certain plot.

Fortune's Run's basic gameplay made me think about other games. Fortune's Run offers everything, from the crouch-jumping that was added to Half-Life to deep sim gameplay where you may murder foes your way. The game is also greatly influenced by older games, even down to the cutscenes. But don't let that deceive you; this is a feature-rich game, and the three hours in the sample are well worth playing through. Did I mention that a katana may be used to deflect lasers and bullets?


2. Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition

I never anticipated two game firms who are credited with starting the current retro boom in the independent gaming market to join hands and remake a classic shooter.

The members of HUNT make a triumphant comeback in Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition, which includes three distinct soundtracks, complete KB/M and controller compatibility, 4K and Ultrawide resolution support, and infinite frame rates. Additionally, this version of ROTT has updated HUD and weapon sounds, a new episode created by updated Blood, Nightdive Interactive, and Apogee Veterans, and restored material.

The "shareware version" of the Steam Next Fest demo has all of the features that the full edition will include. You may test the first level from each episode of the game as far as playable levels go. This release is deserving of its absurd name, and the game's demo shows that the creators put a lot of care into it.


3. NecroGolf


HyperStrange, I see. Because of their distinctive selection of titles, this publisher has a special place in my heart. NecroGolf is simply another title in their already limited library. The objective of this game, which was created by Sleepwalking Potatoes and released by HyperStrange, is to achieve a hole in one during a golf match.

But in the middle of the game, the designers introduced a twist by sending forth zombies that could only be killed by a headshot made with the golf ball. NecroGolf is a fun game where you may buy different types of balls that have status effects. The controls could be a little better, though. Super enjoyable.


4. Laysara: Summit Kingdom

Laysara: Summit Kingdom

I spend time downloading city builders and playing them when I'm bored. My attention was immediately drawn to Laysara: Summit Kingdom, and the Steam Next Fest 2023 demo provided a delectable sample.

In contrast to typical city-building games, Laysara: the Summit Kingdom requires you to create a prosperous neighbourhood around a hill. You design a completely functional village that is influenced by the impressive architecture of places like Tibet.

You begin with constructing homes for several tribes, then go on to creating trading routes for goods and a little bit of avalanche protection. All activities revolve around the hills. The early-access launch will offer a couple of additional hill maps than the demo's single hill map. And when the game debuts, I can't wait to get my hands on the entire thing.


5. Robobeat


I'm grateful for games like Metal Hellsinger and BPM: Bullets Per Minute. They brought for the existence of rhythm shooters and contributed some enjoyable gameplay. Robobeat combines the best elements of each of these games to provide a quick, smooth experience that had me playing it repeatedly.

A handful of the levels from the full game are included in the demo, along with the rogue-lite gameplay, some great electro-music, and quick gameplay. The fact that Robobeat doesn't punish you for skipping beats is one aspect I adore. Of course, despite the fact that every shot is constantly on the beat of the music, you may terminate a room by either adhering to the beat or simply being an FPS god.

I definitely wanted more after seeing the demo. This may even replace one of my favorite rhythm shooters if the creator can successfully include the custom soundtrack functionality. Try out the demo.


6. Little Kitty, Big City

Little Kitty, Big City

feline kitties. The threat of an animal living nearby despite its sweetness. Furthermore, Stray limited us to a linear experience while providing us with a lovely tale in which we played as a cat. That is what Little Kitty, Big City seeks to do.

To get home in the game, you must once more transform into a cat. You can, however, engage in as many cat-related activities as you choose in the free world. The game will have tales and objectives for those who desire them. But in the end, the game encourages you to play it at your own leisure and do cat things. The first few hours of the game are featured in the Steam Next Fest 2023 demo, giving us some much-needed feline sweetness.


7. Wildmender


Wildmender is a fun survival game with charming visuals where you have to regreen a parched landscape. While survival is the primary focus of this game's action, Wildmender also includes a gardening component. Which, by the way, you can accomplish in cooperative mode with your buddies.

When not farming and living, you can explore the desert to uncover secrets, locate strong tools, and discover local legends. The demo contains enough information to give players a good idea of what to expect from the finished product.


8. Sniper Killer

Sniper Killer

The inspirations from the Grindhouse are fully embraced by Torture Star Video. The same may be said about Sniper Killer. Sniper murderer puts you in the role of a serial murderer, in contrast to their prior released titles, which also featured serial killers.

You are given a sniper rifle, as the name indicates, and given orders from the Pentagon to kill targets. On the other side, you may also take on the role of a detective who is investigating these killings. The game embraces the atmosphere of a low-budget slasher flick with its low-poly PS1 graphical presentation. The first several hours of the game are included in this Steam Next Fest 2023 demo, allowing us to practice using our sniper.


9. To The Grave

To The Grave

Another one of my favorite aspects of video games is oriental horror. Fireworks, Detention, and even Devotion have without a doubt always been some of my comfort games. In the meantime, To The Grave will be available since Sanfu will be released next month without an English translation.

The demo includes magnificent 2D visuals and gameplay together with a dramatic mood that embraces East Asian tales. The game also intends to convey a narrative that spans both the past and the present, allowing us to explore both. An absolute must-play if you're seeking a scary game.


10. Power Drill Massacre

Power Drill Massacre

Power Drill Massacre is a slasher horror game that Puppet Combo produced in the past. While horror game enthusiasts gave Murderhouse and Stay Out of The House cult status, Power Drill Massacre remained on Patreon and was never released on Steam. But it appears that we will soon be able to view it.

Power Drill Massacre's Steam edition includes additional regions, new endings, improved controls, and other additions to the original game. In addition, Puppet Combo is updating the game's gameplay by including puzzles and an inventory system. Additionally, Puppet Combo provided a demo at Steam Next Fest that featured some of these modifications.

If you're seeking for a horror game, there is yet another one that is worthwhile. Try additional Puppet Combo books while you're at it.