Free Fire OB41 Update: Weapon Balances, Character Adjustments and more Explained

Free Fire OB41 Update: Weapon Balances, Character Adjustments and more Explained

Players are already hooked on theFree Fire OB41 update because of the additional features offered by the game's creator, Garena. To ensure that every player has a flawless gaming experience, this update has made a number of character modifications and improvements to weapon balance. Among these, the balance ofΒ characterslike Skyler and Andrew as well as the AK-47, woodpecker, G36, Groza, and SKS weapons have been changed.

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Free Fire OB41 Update: Character Adjustments

Free Fire OB41 Update: Character Adjustments

β€’ Andrew

In this Free Fire OB41 Update, one of the characters that has undergone balance modification is Andrew. His wolf power has been modified to promote a fair and balanced gaming environment. His armor's damage mitigation is now reduced by 10% to 5% with this update, and each ally with the wolf pack skill now reduces damage by an extra 10% to 5%.

β€’ Skyler

Following this new update, Skyler, another character in Free Fire, has received an upgrade. In place of the original five seconds, his Riptide Rhythm ability now does area damage to Gloo Walls in a 4 m radius for six seconds. On the other side, this ability's cooldown has been shortened from 45 to 40 seconds.

Other characters, such as Mora, Orion, Sonia, etc., have also received further balance tweaks. Unfortunately, the OB41 update patch notes do not provide any information on the nature of the revisions

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Free Fire OB41 Update: Weapon Balance Changes

Free Fire OB41 Update: Weapon Balance Changes

1. Rifle Adjustments

β€’ AK41

The AK47 now inflicts 15% more damage to the game's opponents. In addition, this gun's minimum damage has been boosted by 30%.

β€’ Groza

The Groza's capacity to break through defenses has grown by 8%.

β€’ G36

G36 is your best option if you rely significantly on the aim assist function because it has been optimized for gamers who do.


FAMAS is also included in the list of balance modifications since its opening scope speed has been increased by 50%, and its minimum scope damage and armor penetration have also been increased by 10%.

β€’ M14

The M14 is now an automatic assault weapon, opening the door for a new meta in the game.

2. DMR Adjustments

β€’ AC80

The AC80's magazine and firing rate have both lowered by 20%. The gun's minimum damage has, however, been raised by 25%.


Following this latest upgrade, Woodpecker is another DMR that has been modified. There have been 15% and 20% reductions in the gun's damage and reload speed, respectively. Similar to AC80 this gun increased minimum damage was 30%.

β€’ SKS

One of the weapons modified as a result of the OB41 modification is the legendary SKS designated marksman rifle. Increases of 60%, 50%, 40%, and 20% have been made to the magazine, scope speed, minimum damage, and range, respectively. However, there has been a 20% decrease in reload speed. Additionally, the gun's design makes it easy to use.